Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Great Satan and Mr Ahmadinejad!

The Internet is full of articles by Iranians who try to " rationalise" Mr. Ahmadinejad's behaviour duirng his recent trip to the USA. He was softer on Israel this time, but instead, disgracefully semi-denied the 9/11 by suggesting that the American government may have been behind it. There is nothing new about this conspiracy theory as it was first suggested by some Western, namely American and in particular, some French writers. I am not sure if any decent human being has taken this theory seriously. It may be true that the Americans may have " utilised" or even one could say " abused" this attack to implement an aggressive foreign policy, but, to say that the US government has in fact planned and implemented it, is too far fetched and too disgraceful. There is a suggestion that there seems to be a power struggle in Iran, and people close to the Supreme Leader- Ayattolah Khamene-ee- may have made it clear to Ahmadinejad that if there was to be any negotiation, it should be conducted by those close to the Ayattolah and hence, Ahmadinejad could not claim any credit for this. Given this, he decided to subvert the negotiation. As a suggestion, this looks attractive, but I will not buy this. My own take is rather simple. The man is Irrational to his core, hence, do not try to rationalise his behaviour. Judging by what he has been doing and saying in the past five years, he has effectively got away with murders in Iran. Now, he has confused his position inside Iran- where there is no free press, TV, or parties and if anyone dares to question his irrational statements, the para-military Basij will shut them up by brutal force- with the UN assembly. He has been making silly statements at home and almost nothing happened- as no means is left to challenge him or his ministers- and as there were too many empty chairs, he seemed to have assumed that he can get away with this too.
On a serious note, if the negotiation takes place and the " Great Satan" is no longer " great" nor " Satan", how can the Islamic Republic of Iran operates! Who can they blame for their failures and incompetences?


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