Friday, June 27, 2008

A nation at war with herself!

In an interview with the deputy justice minister, Ali-zadeh, he did reveal a few facts that are interesting. While complaining about justice ministry's annual budget, he said that on average, we have to deal with 8,000,000 cases a year! Assuming that each case, involves two parties, the " accused" and the " suers", this would mean that something like 16 million Iranians are involved in a court activity against one another. Assuming that children can not afford and will not take anyone to court, it implies that a significant proportion of adult Iranians are bogged down in the corridors of this not so efficient ministry. A number of questions:
Why there is such a huge number of cases in the country! On the bases of the above figure, it means that nearly 23 per cent of Iran's population are either accused or are suing someone else in the court.
Is this the modelof a society that Iranian leaders want to " export" to other parts of the world?
What about the economic costs of such a situation in a society which seems to be at war with herself!
If you also consider that there are many occasions in which there would be " public demonstrations" often against imaginary enemies, small wonder that the economy is in such a mess! If such a large percentage is involved in court, or in public demonstration, then, who is producing in this economy!
Why do my fellow countrymen and women blame others for the mess?
Oh! sorry, I forgot, the Iranians have oil and Mr Bush and his friends are doing everything they can to push the price of oil as high as possible. Hence, who needs to produce anything in a country like Iran anyway!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

" Natural Rate of Inflation"!

Mirkazemi the Iranian trade minister has made a new discovery! A few decades ago, some economists invented the term " natural rate of unemployment" but what Mirkazemi seems to have discovered is a " natural rate of inflation" for Iran. He says in this piece the a rate of inflation of up to 49% is " natural"! I have read this piece, but do not understand what is "natural " about a rate that doubles prices in every 20 months!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A plot to kidnap!!

The Iranian President, Mr Ahmadinejad claimed that during a recent official visit to Iraq, the Americans tried to " kidnap" him! I am not sure if I should laugh or cry to have such a naive and idiot individaul to be the President of my beloved homeland! Not long ago, he travelled to New York and if the Americans had any such plan, it would have been a lot easier to try to kidnap him while he was there! Why do it in Iraq? The story goes that as part of the plan, the "potenital kidnappers" also wanted to transfer him to the US! Once again, it would have been a lot simpler to do it while he was in the US?
I am not sure what else to say! As we say in Iran, "I am melting of shame!!!"