Monday, September 07, 2009

Is Ahmadinejad safe?

I have never supported Mr Ahmadinejad's government and do not support him now. Like millions of Iranians I have no doubt in my mind that the elections leading to his re-election was seriously flawed and dangerously stage managed. This said, though I am not in favour of what the Ayatollahs seem to be planning to do from Qom. First read the full story here. I wish to see the end of this illegitimate government sooner rater than later, that is true, but not by a fatwa! If these grand Ayatollahs were really worried about the elections fraud, why most of them have kept a very low profile in the past three months! The appointment of a female minister- irrespective of the intention of Ahmadinejad- was a good thing and if this is the main reason for the collective actions by the Ayatollahs in Qom, this would be a truly sad day for Iran. Had they came out with the millions of Iranian people on the immediate aftermath of the elections, that would have meant differently. Now, few months on, thousands arrested, an unknown number killed and many more tortured and beaten, while all these were happening, the grand Ayatollahs- most of them- kept a disgraceful silence and now, are planning to respond in this way. A fatwa to declare the government illegitimate!
Sirs: You missed the train, not in my name!