Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new game in Iran!

I have not written anything in this blog since September 2009. It goes without saying that the reason for my absence was not in any way, because of a shortage of topics to talk about. In fact, especially after the last Presidential "elections", there were so many issues and topics for discussion that it was not easy to choose which topic is more important than others. I have written in my blog in Farsi, for the life of me I did not understand- and still do not- the reason for rigging the elections as the authorities did. The four remaining candidate were all monitered and confirmed by the Guardian Council and all have made their willingness to operate within the Constitutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran [IRI] clear. I reckon that this rigging of the elections has seriously harmed and weakened the IRI. Whatever social capital it had, had been eroded and because of this would have no option but to turn to increasingly more open coersion and suppression. In my view, the "power brokeres" in the IRI instead of learning how to live with a president who may not have been ideal- let us say Mousavi-made a fatal error. They have polarised Iranian society beyond repair. Furthermore, they placed themselves in a cage- having to use more and more force in order to stay in power. Anyone who knows anything about history, would have no doubt how this new game by the IRI would end. As I have started to write again, I will return to this issue soon.
Take care,