Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am more confused!!

The situation in Iran is getting funnier by the day. The President is saying one thing, and the Iranian chief negotiator- Dr Larijani- is saying something different. On the other hand, the BBC goes out of its way by publishing a detailed plan of military attack on Iran by the US and little later, the Pentagon calls the plan a myth. I don't know about you, but, I am more confused now that ever about the situation and I do not know who to trust and believe.
One thing is certain in my mind, any military action against Iran- whatever the context- would be a major disaster for the global economy. Not only it would destry Iran, but, could also lead to further destruction for a lot of other people, including the Americans for many many years to come. I hope and pray that those who have the power, would use it a little more responsibly.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"The wretched of the earth"!

I have read in an Iranian source, that the US administration has increased its allocated budget for the " extension of democracy in Iran" for the coming year. I have also read this in a source, rather close to the Islamic government in Iran. Putting these two together, I can only say this:
Dear Mr Bush:
I beg you to stop this ineffective and nonsencial policy. Stop providing further ammunitions for the government in Iran. Please stop turning us into an easy pray for this government which does not respect our basic human rights. Please do not " export" democracy to Iran or any other country in this planet. A lot of things could be exported, but, not democracy. Do not you know this! If you do really mean it, stop the " exportation" of your means of suppresion, be it " instruments for crowd control", bombers, tank spare parts, etc or, computer soft wares to control the way we, "the wretched of the earth" think and write. Instruct your corporations, like Google, not to give in to suppressive governments, as they did in China. We do know that " freedom" is good, and " democracy" is fantastic, but we also know, that neither of the two are "exportable". We already carry too heavy a burden on our back, if you can not help us to reduce the burden, do not add to it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Iran-US and the Threat of War:

I was in a party last night, an old friend who I have not seen for many years asked me about my views on Iran-US stand off. He said, by the way Iraj, do you think that the US or Israel would attack Iran? This is one of those 60 millon dollars questions that everyboy has his or her answer for it, and most likely, none of these answers is the correct answer for this vital question. At one level, I think that the US is not in a position to open up another front, as they are already in very deep trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan. I reckon that the US administration must be truly mad to take further burden. At the same time, though, I think that the US have reached a point that it badly need a scapegoat to divert attention from its disastrouns invasion of Iraq- if that takes another invasion, so be it. While this option may be likely, I think the invasion of Iran may be too big for the US to swollow and it could prove to be really disastrous for the US economy and her prestige-if any left in the world.
I am not revealing any secret to say, that if Iran is attacked, the government is likely to take these options:
- Trying to block the Straigh of Hormoz, hence, creating a massive oil shortage.
- To make sure that the supply of oil would remain disrupted, using all its military power to destry the oil industries in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states.
Would they attack Israel? I doubt it. Would Israel attack Iran? I doubt it too. Iran is not Iraq and the method used against Iraq in the 1980s would not work.The Iranian authority could very easily use their influences over the Hezv-ol-lah and Hamas to unsettle an already unstable situation in the Middle East. They could also make Iraq evey more unstable, not to mention about other options that they have. Furthermore, given his election defeat, Mr Bush has also his hands tied behind his back.
Overall, in my view, the situation is highly risky. You know what, this situation does not need too many fools to get out of control. One or two fools could do enough.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

"A Genre in the Service of Empire"

Interested in serious articles on Middle East and the West! A powerful and mind-opening discussion is offered under the above heading here.
Have a look and please tell me what do you think?