Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On Death penalty in Iraq

It was reported today that Saddam Hossein, the former Iraqi dictator has lost his appeal against the death penalty that was issued against him. As a person who believes that the death penalty has no justification whatso ever- no matter what is the crime- I do hope that despite his crimes, he would not be hanged. I totally oppose his hanging. I am aware that some Iranians would love to see him hanged for his crimes against Iran during Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s. I have no doubt that he committed crimes against humanity in iran- as in elsewhere, but, still, I can not and will not support his death penalty. Hanging him, would not help any one, it can only make the situation in Iraq a lot worse. First, the people in Iraq deserves to be given a new beginning, a beginning free from " legalised murder"- that is what death penalty is in my view. Second, would Saddam's hanging serve any prupose or solve any problems? I do not think so. It could be argued that it would surely further destabilise an already fragile situation and would turn Iraq into a bloodier blood bath.
My suggestion would be to send him into exile to a remote island and watch him die.

Monday, December 25, 2006

I am back!

I am really pleased to be able to update this blog. I know it looks silly, but, I had forgatten my password and username for this blog and in addition was busy with other things too. Hence, could not create new posts. Earlier today, I decided to "invest" a little of my time to try to recover this blog. And I am pleased that at the end, it was a lot easier than I imagined.
But, there are many things that I wish to write about them.
In the Middle East, I am absolutely amazed that if you wanted to "plan" it to go this bad, you would have probably failed. But somehow, President Bush and PM Blair succeeded in creating a situation in Iraq- for instance- that whatever you do now, would be wrong. If the troops are withdrawn now, that would be wrong. If the troops continue to stay, it would be even more wrong. I suggest that somekind of an international prize be established to be awarded to Bush and Blair, for creating such a massive mess in Iraq!
In relation to Iran, after months- or even years of " negotiations, the UN has at last decided to introduce sanctions against Iran unless, it agrees to stop its enrichment programme. Whether this would be effective, remains to be seen, but, I wonder, why the UN does not tackle other "nuclear powers" in the region? On the other hand, the authority in Tehran stated that they would in fact, speed up their programmes. I hope that common sense would prevail before it is too late.
Last but not least, may I take this opportunity of wishing everybody a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.